Sales Insanity


Thousands of books have been written about the 'right' things to do in sales. They serve up an endless supply of good ideas that will allegedly lead you to a more successful career. These so-called Best Practices are like vitamins for sales performance – if you indulge them dutifully over time, better results will hopefully follow.


Sales Insanity is the exact opposite of those books. Instead of vitamins, it dispenses pain killers. Rather than extolling the virtues of good behavior, Sales Insanity helps you avoid the disastrous outcomes of bad behavior. It reveals the things you should never do under any circumstance, because these actions will always lead to spectacular failure.


So what are these deadly Worst Practices in the sales profession? What are the common activities you need to purge from your own daily routine to stop losing sales? What unintentionally insane decisions do you make every day that cause you unnecessary, self-inflicted pain?

Jason Jordan has the answers, because he’s witnessed the Worst Practices first-hand. With keen insight and excellent storytelling, Jason shares 20 entertaining vignettes that prove a point: While it’s good to know what to do, it’s even better to know what not to do.  Read this book, end your bad behaviors, and save your sanity!

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" If you find most sales books are torture to read, then you’re going to LOVE Sales Insanity "

" The most entertaining sales book ever written "

" You'll laugh, you'll cringe, but mostly, you'll learn "

" I flew through it and enjoyed every page "